The work is purposefully depicting the limitless color of our shared reality, in order to authenticate parts of the human condition that stretch beyond the realms of explanation.

I began to see when I explored the nature of time and space, that it took me further into what may lay beyond this supposed reality-- I started to visualize and put into motion unknown possibilities.

In looking at the current societal landscape and how one relates to matter, my aim was to explore the metaphorical darkness before the dawn.  Primarily, through light and shadow.

Light is the messenger of life because it is alive and contains all information. I see the spiritual potential of light art works as doorways for healing and self-growth--Both holistic and cosmic in nature.

The intention is that, as one ripple effect produces the next universal wave in consciousness, self- love can and will activate the peaceful places on this earth where the future will grow.  

The work then being, the inner journey we all must take while here in order to see the formlessness that lies beyond it.

In the literal sense, one is able to affect all things on this planet with their own self-worth.